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Lisa Wilkes is a commissioner on the inaugural Colorado Independent Congressional Redistricting Commission, which just passed its congressional map by the state supreme court with no issues.  She voted for the map that was passed eleven to one, garnering support from Democrats, Republicans, and Unaffiliated alike.

As part of this commission Lisa was ecstatic to be a commissioner who put Amendment Y into practice.  She was one of the commissioners who encouraged the commission to surpass their requirements for public outreach and increase the number of public hearings and time to leave public comment. House Bill 1073 was inspired by Amendments Y and Z, and it shifts much of the process followed by Lisa’s commission to the redistricting of the larger County Commissioner districts, which is facilitated by the County Clerk and Recorder. 

What is a Clerk and Recorder?

The position of Clerk and Recorder varies from county to county, but the overarching purpose is to keep the public record of the documents within the county, both current and historical documentation.  This is one of the political offices that should be the least political, as their purpose is to maintain the county records in a transparent and accessible manner.

There are four main divisions of responsibility that the Clerk and Recorder oversees here in El Paso County, which as of the 2020 Census is the largest county in the state of Colorado.  

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