Elizabeth "Lisa" Wilkes

Lisa Wilkes has 15 years of work experience in the Information Technology (IT) field where she worked in a variety of departments.

She developed skills in project management, business intelligence, efficiency, finances, and more. She grew up before everyone had technology in their hands at all times, but was young enough to fully embrace technology and its helpful advancements in the day to day world. This perspective gives her an understanding of the values of the past, with a desire to improve productivity through strategic use of technological upgrades.

The position as County Clerk and Recorder is responsible for 4 wheel houses; Clerk to the Board, Records Department, Elections Department, and Motor Vehicle department.

One might call the position a political paper pusher. Lisa is familiar with working with multiple teams within and outside of a large organization. She doesn’t want to reinvent the wheel, so much as increase efficiency and supplement with new technology to increase transparency. Her goal is to facilitate a smoother experience for our community. Shorter lines at the Motor Vehicle Department would help everyone!
Impartial, Organized, Transparent! Lisa Wilkes for County Clerk and Recorder!
Photo by Michael Herrera.
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