For All of You Questioning Who to Vote For…

For all of you still questioning whom you should vote for, we wanted to be sure that you had information to make an informed, educated decision.

This position is one for nerds and paper-pushers, and is a critical job in charge of four departments that have ramifications for all of us here in El Paso County. Here are links to both the Gazette answers done by Lisa and her opponent.

You can also look up their bio information at:

El Paso County has a new magazine that has hit our community racks for free called The Scoop. In their June/July edition you will find more answers to your election coverage questions.

Lisa has also filled out data for the League of Women Voters at but we see that they must be still updating that site, but it might be good for other questions you have about your ballot.

As always, if you want more information on what Lisa intends to do as El Paso County Clerk and Recorder, you can always check out her website at:

You can also drop her a line on Facebook or email her at

Happy Voting!



Today is the day to thank you for what you do for our future. You pour yourselves into work and the schools don’t pay you what you are worth. No one can properly thank you for what you do for our children, but we could surely pay you something livable. Rest assured that there are those of us out here who do see you, and see what you are doing for our future. We see you grading papers late on your Friday night. We see you spending your family time on Sundays doing lesson plans. We see how many hours that you actually spend working on our children’s future.

You are the guardians of our future, the teachers of the leaders of tomorrow. We can’t possibly thank you enough but we can work to treat you honorably, and pay recognition to the impact you have on society.

Today we celebrate teachers, because without them we couldn’t read this, let alone write it.

Thank you just isn’t enough.

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