Elect Lisa Wilkes

Endorsements from the Community

Endorsements and Testimonials from people who have met Lisa Wilkes.

Marc Snyder
CO State House Representative, District 18

“I have seen Lisa Wilkes organize and run multiple Democrat Assembly and Conventions. She is organized, always well-articulated, and is very upfront about what costs and labor looks like for the events. She keeps very detailed notes and organizes every part of any event she takes on. She would make an excellent Clerk and Recorder because of the details and intricacies that she is able to maintain. I have seen her be accessible to us as candidates for all paperwork we need, and she has helped to teach us the programs we need to use for events that were out of our wheelhouse. Recordkeeping is vital to the position, and Lisa holds on to her paperwork for years and can access it without problem for any questions we may have. El Paso County would be blessed to have her at the helm for the Department of Motor Vehicles and the Elections and Records Departments.”

Snyder, Marc (2)

Blanca Uzeta O'Leary
CO Independent Legislative Redistricting Commissioner - D

Lisa and Blanca worked together when both commissions were traveling the state to speak to constituents. 

Carly Hare (Pawnee/Yankton)
Chair, CO Independent Congressional Redistricting Commissioner - U

“It was an honor to serve with Lisa Wilkes on the inaugural Colorado Independent Congressional Redistricting Commission. Lisa was a thoughtful and strategic commissioner who created developed and administered many data collection and map analysis processes. Her attention to detail and commitment to fair process makes her an ideal candidate for the El Paso County Clerk and Recorder.”

carly hare2