Transparent, Impartial, Organized:
Lisa’s Stance on the
Office of Clerk and Recorder


The office of the County Clerk and Recorder is one that processes the paperwork needed at the county level. The recording office records, indexes, copies and preserves public documents, which should have their records public. There is a bunch of information within the clerk and recorder’s wheel houses, the majority of which should be transparent. One of the most influential and scrutinized departments is the Elections department, and the process that makes decisions for our future public officials should be easily accessible and publicly open so there is no possible questions of impropriety or fraud. This is why Lisa believes that transparency should be one of the corner stones of anyone in the office of the Clerk and Recorder.


The position of County Clerk and Recorder, while a job where candidates are affiliated with political parties, is one that should represent all of its constituents. Impartiality and a disconnection from political affiliation and ideology is needed in this important position. We have all heard of clerks and recorders in other counties who have used their positions to refuse to serve constituents that have differing values then their own, a notable example would be Kim Davis, a Kentucky clerk, who refused to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples after the Supreme Court had ruled that they had the right to marry. This would be an issue where someone’s political and ideological point of view got in the way of them following the laws that govern their position, and representing all of their constituents. Lisa wants to not only uphold the law, but represent every constituent fairly, evenly, and impartially.


There are so many important documents that are processed through the office of the County Clerk and Recorder. These records need to be maintained, categorized, and protected in an organized and efficient manner. The longer it takes to process paperwork within the office of the Clerk and Recorder, the slower the process is for our constituents. An organized and efficient presence is needed within the office to help maintain the complicated process that happens in the background of such departments as the Motor Vehicles, Elections, and Record Keeping. More organization leads to less confusion!

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