On May 18th, 2022, Lisa attended the Church for All Nations Clerk and Recorder Forum. Many people thanked her for “braving the Lion’s Den.” During her speech she shared a new point of view with the audience, and reiterated the way to best serve El Paso County customers is to listen to all of them.

Candidates for Clerk and Recorder in El Paso County

Attendee concerns included:

  • Does ERIC bloat the voter rolls?
  • Senate Bill 153 jeopardizing paper-trails for audits.
  • Mail-in ballots and Dominion machines compromising vote security.

Meeting voters on their terms showed the attendees that Lisa is ready to listen to them. These conversations provided the opportunity to discuss the positives of the programs that gave them concerns. 

We can only introduce new viewpoints into the conversation when we are willing to meet people at their table.

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