I, Lisa Wilkes, am renewing my run for El Paso County Clerk and Recorder!

What is different this year? Some of you may know that I was a commissioner on the Colorado Independent Congressional Redistricting Commission last year, where we redistricted the state of Colorado into 8 congressional districts. The amendment that was passed by the Colorado voters to govern this commission, Amendment Y, inspired a new change to how County Commission districts are drawn. House Bill 1073 was signed into law and it affects the redistricting of the County Commissioner maps in the counties with five Commissioner Districts. That affects El Paso County directly, and that new process inspired by Amendment Y, is the one that the new County Clerk and Recorder must follow when they redistrict.

Why do I say the new County Clerk and Recorder? Because our current Clerk, Chuck Broerman, is term limited. There is already a primary on the Republican side for who will run for that office. I ran for the office in 2018, so of the names on the ballot, my name will have the most recognition for that position.

This is a unique opportunity with no incumbent, directly after a decennial census and redistricting year. We need a voice out there that speaks for transparency, accessibility, and the integrity of the office. We need someone speaking out against election misinformation and the security of voting; someone to speak about how efficient and accurate the mail-in ballot system is here in Colorado. These are some of the reasons I am running for County Clerk and Recorder, to bring my skills and effectiveness to the position.

Please help me with your support!

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