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What is a Clerk and Recorder?

The position of Clerk and Recorder varies from county to county, but the overarching purpose is to keep the public record of the documents within the county, both current and historical documentation.  This is one of the political offices that should be the least political, as their purpose is to maintain the county records in a transparent and accessible manner.

There are four main divisions of responsibility that the Clerk and Recorder oversees here in El Paso County, which as of the 2020 Census is the largest county in the state of Colorado.  


Fair and impartial elections are key to the success of democracy.  The election department is in charge of many aspects of voting, their hard work protects the rights of the voters in El Paso County. Some of the tasks of the Elections department include:

  • Voter registration and information

  • Keeps the voting information safe and secure, and prevents voter fraud

  • Candidate information and access to the ballot

  • Redistricting 

    • Redrawing of precincts to stay within an individual House, Senate, and Commissioner Districts

    • Redrawing of equal population County Commissioner Districts – this is a new process following the signing of House Bill 1073

  • Access to elections, boxes for envelope drop off, or in-person

  • Validates, counts, and reports votes

  • Keeps precinct and district maps

  • Maintains previous election information

Motor Vehicles Department

The Motor Vehicles Department is responsible for the registration of vehicles and their drivers. Some of the tasks of the Motor Vehicles Department include:

  • Car tag registration and renewals

  • Driver license registration and renewals

  • Registering a transfer of the vehicle title

  • Processing change of address and change of name forms

  • Renewals can be online, using an app, at a kiosk, or in person


The Records department keeps a historical record of the comings and goings of people, places, and things; with both physical and electronic records for accessibility:

  • Birth and death certificates

  • Marriage licenses and certificates

  • Divorce paperwork

  • Civil unions

  • Name changes

  • Military Records, DD-214

  • Bureau of Land Management Records

  • Property records, deeds of ownership

  • Plat Maps showing property boundaries, size, streets, easements, and more

Clerk to the Board of Commissioners

The Clerk’s office attends the meeting of the County Commissioners, recording what transpires and keeping the official record: 

  • Keeps the agenda and minutes of the County Commissioners’ meeting

  • Provides the commissioners with requests for unincorporated El Paso county about

    • Liquor Licenses

    • Medical Marijuana applications

  • Verify the Chair of the Commissioners signature

  • Keeps the record of decisions by the Commissioners